Liscio Client Portal Information

Resources for uploading documents electronically

In an effort to safeguard client data and provide a convenient method of uploading sensitive documents, we have partnered with a company to offer a secure client portal. This portal, named Liscio, offers a number of features and benefits including:

  • The ability to upload tax document from a browser or your mobile device
  • The ability to electronically sign your tax return and other documents
  • An online storage portal that hosts multiple years of tax returns and source documents
  • Functionality to send us a secure message
  • An option that will allow us to text you with critical or time sensitive requests (only if you would like to be notified via text)

All of the above items can be accomplished via a web browser or an iOS or Android app. Part of the reason we selected this particular vendor is because the portal is intuitive and easy to use. Most clients complete registration for the portal in about 60 seconds, and are uploading documents in 2-3 minutes.

If you do not have an account please contact us and we will send you a registration invite. There is no cost for using the portal. For reference the permanent link for the portal is: